An absolutely gorgeous wallpaper, this latest addition from Arthouse is suitable for any room. A traditional floral pattern is taken and adapted with a unique blend of light colours and a shimmering effect on the floral centrepieces to give the wallpaper that special look. Not only is this wallpaper unique but artistically special with heavy detailing in each of the flowers, perfect for your home! Can be used as a feature wall effect or on all 4 walls for the full effect.

  • This wallpaper is suitable for all living areas, including the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Each roll measures 33ft (10m) in length and is 21″ (53.1cm) wide.
  • Full hanging instructions are supplied with each roll.
  • Please order enough rolls to complete your job as batch numbers cannot be guaranteed on a subsequent purchase.
  • Should you require a particular batch number, please contact us and we will always do our best to achieve this.