Welcome to the jungle

Tropical Feeling is a big trend in interior decoration right now – colourful, bold and with plenty of exotic elements. Tropical jungle patterns can be found on furniture, fabrics, cushions or framed on the walls. This style is combined with natural materials like rattan, wicker, clay or linen. Decorative elements in copper, glass or bright wood also go well with this look. And of course there are plenty of green plants to round out the tropical spirit.

Now the walls can be exotic, colourful and naturally extravagant too. The Paradisio collection offers a wide range of matching nature motifs. Birds of paradise, lovebirds and tropical flora create a genuine feeling of being in the jungle. Fresh colours in light green, blue or orange underscore this youthful look.

In contrast, wood bark in an attractive tile look, or cork and bamboo optics give rise to a highly harmonious, cosy atmosphere. Warm colours like coffee brown and umber or combinations with creamy blue create oases of well-being. An airy design of birch tree trunks is just the right choice for those who like it trendy and light.

  • This wallpaper is suitable for all living areas, including the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Good lightfastness and high washable
  • Each roll measures 33ft (10m) in length and is 21″ (53.1cm) wide.
  • Full hanging instructions are supplied with each roll.
  • Please order enough rolls to complete your job as batch numbers cannot be guaranteed on a subsequent purchase.
  • Should you require a particular batch number, please contact us and we will always do our best to achieve this.

If traveling to one of our stores to purchase this item, it is advisable to call ahead first to ensure goods are in stock and available, as not all stores stock the same range.